Kintana Network Solutions

Kintana Network Solutions offers best-in-class solutions to employers with traditional self-funded health plans. We are committed to helping employers control their medical and prescription drug costs and plan for long-term success.


Employers who currently self-insure their health plan, or are looking to transition to a self-insured platform


Medicare pricing – Provider is reimbursed at or near Medicare level for most high-dollar claims, creating savings for plan sponsors and participants

Customized PPO network support – Provider contracts create a maximum reimbursement level and minimize the occurrence of balance billing to members

Member advocacy – Personalized assistance for plan participants who have questions or concerns regarding coverage or provider billing

Kintana Rx – Prescription plan with full pass-through of discounts and rebates

Kintana Stop Loss – competitive stop loss solution that can be combined with TPA and PBM platforms; clients can elect to carve out stop loss

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